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Ningbo speed thaw loan financial service company established Yu October 2003, is China leading of small credit technology service enterprise, is World Bank international financial company (IFC) of shares enterprise company main provides Ningbo fast loan, Ningbo fast loan company, Ningbo personal fast loan, Ningbo personal how loan, Ningbo personal tourism loan, Ningbo formal personal loan, Ningbo personal loan, Ningbo personal loan network, Ningbo students personal loan, Ningbo decoration loan, Ningbo Provident Fund decoration loan. Rate of up to 500,000 yuan.
Ningbo speed thaw credit financial services company with many international, a leading domestic financial institutions to establish a long-term strategic partnership. With China Development Bank and China Construction Bank to develop micro-loans "loans" agency model, not only won the innovation award, is also widely applied to long-term cooperation with Chinese financial institutions.
Ningbo speed thaw credit financial services companies in nearly 20 provinces and cities nationwide have hundreds of convenient locations, thousands of employees for hundreds of thousands of customers, supporting millions of jobs. Through our services, promoting entrepreneurship and employment, helping customers operate successful, improve their lives and realize their dreams.