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Analysis on the conditions to be met when the loan to buy a car and loan materials

A, and loan buy car application conditions
1, and has completely civil capacity of natural;
2, and has legal effective of ID ming, and household proved or effective residence proved, and marriage proved;
3, and has good of credit records and repayment wishes;
4, and has stable of legal income source and on time full reimbursement loan principal and interest of capacity;
5, and holds and special dealer signed of car agreement or car contract;
6, and Other conditions according to the actual demand.
II, applications for loans to buy a car material
1 the book of personal loan application;
2, personal and valid identification documents. Include the identity card, residence booklet, military ID, passport, Macao and Taiwan compatriots travelling to pass, and so on. Borrowing people married of to provides spouse of identity proved;
3, and household proved or long-term live proved;
4, and personal income proved, necessary Shi must provides family income or property proved;
5, and by car dealer issued of car intention proved;
6, and loan buy car down payment proved;
7, and to by purchased vehicles mortgage yiwai of way for guarantees of, provides guarantees of about material, including pledge of right voucher, and mortgage real estate ownership proved and assessment proved, and Third party guarantee of letter of intent,;
8, and as borrowing by purchased vehicles for commercial car, also needed provides by purchased vehicles can legal for operation of proved, as vehicles affiliated transport team of affiliated agreement, and rental agreement,;
9, and borrowing by purchased vehicles for used cars, also needed provides car intention proved, and Bank recognized of assessment institutions issued of vehicles assessment report book; vehicles sold people of vehicles property proved, and by trading vehicles motor vehicle car registration card, and vehicles annual proved,.

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