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Apply for a car loan to pay a guarantee fee?

In General, in order to reduce risks, customers want to apply for a car loan in the Bank, need to be guaranteed at the bank designated Guaranty Company, buyers need to spend the money for a guarantee fee, to gain recognition of the bank guarantee. Guarantee company for security costs in different parts of the calculation are different for different models, guarantee fees charged will vary. Guarantee rates in accordance with the usual 1%~3% to buy a 140,000 yuan car, press 70% mortgage loans of nearly 100,000 yuan, need to pay 1000 Yuan outside the car guarantee fee of ~3000 Yuan.
the loan time, late or incur additional costs. After buyers to buy a car, do pay attention to loan, repayment in a timely manner is essential. Buckle if financial institutions do not succeed, will call the owner authorizing the loan within three days, and a phone will cost two hundred or three hundred Yuan, increasing borrowing costs. If more than three months without payment guarantee company will generally be in accordance with the loan contract to the Court seeking to enforce the buckle car auction. Under the contract, buyers only use property is mortgaged to the Bank.