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Credit card purchases are so popular and why?

No interest, compared to only need to bear the fees
Bank loan car buyers and car loans from financial institutions purchase, credit card installment purchase is of no interest, of course, the so-called zero interest rate will be charge on expenditure, for lower fees, however, compared to the other two loans are a better option.
procedures are simple car speed
fast is credit card approval stage a car an advantage, some banks can approve credit car the fastest 40 minutes to complete, the longest is no more than 3 days. Bank loans for car business, however, usually require one month's loan approval time and half a month of time used car loan financial companies, approval is quite rigid and complicated, the time from application to lending, 15-20 days.
no need to prepare the first payment, the successful implementation of zero pays
Auto dealers for sale in a model, and the Bank launched the "credit card to buy specified models can zero down payment" concessions that many want to buy a car, but a lack of cash buyers in the car without a down payment, a fantastic deal.