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Envy someone else drive the car you can take out a loan to buy a car!

A, and Bank car loan of loan material:
1, and personal borrowing applications;
2, and I and the spouse effective identity proved;
3, and I and the spouse career, and positions and the income proved;
4, and marriage certificate (unmarried needed provides unmarried proved, not reached statutory married age of except) and the account thin;
5, and ID, and booklet or other effective residence documents original, and provides its copies;
6, and and dealer signed of car agreement, and Contract or letter of intent for purchase;
7, have deposited or paid the down payment certificate;
8, guarantees the required documents or materials
9, and other documents required by the cooperation agencies.
II, and Bank car loan of handle process:
1, and borrowing people prepared related information, to Bank fill in loan application table, proposed loan application;
2, and Bank on borrowing people submitted of application information audit through Hou, both signed borrowing contract, and guarantees contract, depending on situation handle related notary, and mortgage registration procedures,;
3, and completed all procedures Hou, Bank by contract agreed to transfers way directly designated into car dealer of account.