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Mastering these skills for the loan car buyers can also save money!

, choice mortgage loan provided real estate as collateral to the lender, mortgage loan interest rate is very low. If borrowers use home equity loans to car buyers, this is great for lower borrowing costs help. Meanwhile, compared with other credit products, mortgage loan period is relatively long, this can also reduce the borrower's repayment pressure. Prepayment of
When you apply for a car loan, the borrower should as far as possible to choose the repayment periods and low pressure. In families when the pressure is high, and should be appropriately extended loan term. But when the Fund accumulated is more settled, you can choose one-time payments falling due in the short term, shorter time drag, borrowers pay less total interest would.
c, select "straight"
Bank car loans loan car purchases are "direct" loans to car buyers and the "guest" loan car in two, by comparison, direct loan car is to save money.
four or 0 interest rate car loan need to be cautious
zero interest rate is not equal to zero cost, many lenders are actually higher interest receivable included in fees and surcharges, plus some other vehicle insurance and licensing fees, zero-interest car loans may not be better than traditional mortgage car loans car loans or mortgages cheaper.