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Zero-interest loans to buy a car of these shortcomings

0 interest rate 0 first pay of advertising everywhere are has, but thin is down, through 0 interest rate 0 first pay loan buy car of friends, last often are not is deal, this which has what feline does?
generally, name for "0 interest rate" car loan, its interest are by car manufacturers posted pay, consumers seems got many offers, but participation activities of models most are cannot enjoy new car of offers price, only according to manufacturers guided purchase. Preferential margins on most models are more than 10,000 yuan, and the interest-free amount may be less than a price discount amount.
in addition, the loan car consumers need to buy car insurance on the car loan 4S shop, and 4S shop auto insurance tend to have higher insurance prices alone. So consumers can get much benefit from it also. Next, we analyze.
/> zero-zero interest rates did not represent a zero-cost. Interest rate is zero, but will charge management fees, handling fees and other expenses. Integrated count down, may be smaller than the high cost of direct loan interest on a car loan.
down to zero, then the risk for car dealers will be even greater, in order to compensate for this risk, they tend to be late fees are higher. The late repayment of large repayment pressures. Unless you hard to down payment and repayment ability, or small series recommends that you had better not choose zero down payment loans to buy cars.