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Zero-interest loans to buy a car than an ordinary loan deal?

Apply for a loan to buy a car and need to focus on lending rates. Many car dealers have launched a zero-interest-rate loans to buy a car service, for many buyers, this is very good news.
However, many careful buyers with questions like this: zero-interest-rate loans to buy a car really all that good? is really better than ordinary car loans save money?
first, zero-interest car loans applies only to car dealers to provide part of the models, so buyers can choose scope is extremely narrow. Meanwhile, while the zero-interest rate car loan from loan interest, but borrowers need to take part of the loan fees, calculated, may not be so good.
Secondly, buyers should check whether you need to purchase auto insurance. Loans from the Bank to buy a car, which means that in the absence of prior to pay off bank loans, the car belongs to the Bank. In order to reduce the risks of banks, will put forward some car loan contract you must purchase auto insurance as a condition for loans. Many of these insurance premiums may be higher, so read carefully when applying for a car loan proposals related to insurance terms.
Finally, understand car preference margins. Although an interest free car loan can save a lot of loan interest, but often through interest-free auto loans car consumers can no longer enjoy preferential car.