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Home mortgage loans

Home mortgage loans

Fastest, part of the Bank loans
a week of so many banks interest rate discounts are given, when lending it? it is learnt that the agricultural Bank of China, CITIC, Everbright, Hang Seng Bank, Societe Generale, Minsheng, Huaxia Bank said the fastest two lenders; and China Construction Bank, Guangzhou rural commercial bank, HSBC said the fastest week loan.
two or two sets mortgage down payment proportion minimum fell to 60%
as two sets mortgage, Guangzhou and no implementation "down payment 40%" of policy, but phase more Yu past also is has loose, like ABC said purchase in non-limited purchased area loan buy room, down payment proportion can fell to 60%, but urban down payment proportion still for 70%; ABC, and Everbright Bank, and Hang Seng Bank also said two sets mortgage down payment proportion can fell to 60%.