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Small secured loan

Small secured loan

First, applicants proposed written application, and fill in small guarantees loan application table;
then, community, and street (Township) on applicants basic situation for trial;
third, trial after Hou, district (County) employment service institutions on applicants of related situation for field survey, and audit;
IV, guarantees company on applicants of related situation for review, and review;
v, meet conditions of applicants participate in venture training and get graduated card;
VI And the audit team on entrepreneurial training for qualified applicants, for the comprehensive review;
seventh, the security company and the applicant and the guarantor of the signing of the contract of guarantee and counter-guarantee opened;
Finally, the banks according to the relevant provisions of the comprehensive review of loan applicants to review, approval and loan lending.
However, or will vary in different parts of the policy, so for security reasons, borrower before applying for small secured loan, you can go to the local authorities consulted about, then apply for the loan.

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